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Простота интеграции

The multi-talent among the marking systems of integration.

Информация о продукте

An integration of the marking system MV5 U85/45 INTEGRAL into a production line is easily possible. The space-saving and powerful marking system has an internally installed control unit and is electromagnetically driven. This eliminates the need for an external control unit and compressed air cabling.
The optional display is used for simplified and fast visualization of the programming directly on the device.
The marking system can be used independent of position and convinces by its reliability, especially in wear.


  • ALL-IN-ONE: Control unit is integrated in the marking head housing
  • Extra reinforced guiding system
  • Large marking field with low device volume


  • Ideal for integration into test facilities
  • Space-saving installation
  • Extended communication cards (e.g. PROFINET)
  • Display (optional) for direct visualization of programming


  • Operation without compressed air thanks to electromagnetic magnet
  • Only 24V connection necessary
  • Low operating costs


Зона маркировки (х / у): 85 x 45 мм / 120 x 45 мм

Вес: от 4,0 кг

Доступные высоты знаков: от 1,0 мм, плавная регулировка с шагом 1/10

Доступные символы: Заглавные и строчные буквы от A до Z, цифры от 0 до 9, различные знаки препинания

Шрифты: Стандарт, аналогичен DIN 1451 в непрерывной линии или одинарных точках, размер 5 x 7 и 9 x 13

Защитный кожух: есть

Прибл. Любая, от 0 ° до 360 °